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Here are my favourite yoga poses for better digestion, consentration, focus and balance. They increase the circulation in the body and strengthen the back, abdomen and legs.

The Camel – Ushtrasana

The Camel is really good for the chest and opens up the lungs. It increases circulation throughout the whole body and strengthens the abdomen and legs.

Get onto your knees and breathe in. Breathe out while you lean back and reach for your heels, and then slowly lower your head backwards. Make sure that your hips and legs are straight so you don’t fall backwards. If you’re not able to reach your heels, then lean gently backward as far as you’re comfortable with and breathe.

The Tree – Vrikshasana

This position really increases your focus and improves your balance.

Stand straight with your feet parallel to your hips. Lift and bend your left leg inward placing your foot on the inside of your right thigh or as high up as you can get to on your leg. Place your hands in front of your chest, and if your comfortable with it, lift up your hands above your head and stand straight. Remember to breathe slowly.

The Dog – Adho Mukha Svanasana

The dog is a powerful position that is good for the nervous system, strengthens the heartcalms the mind and brings energy to the entire body.

Go down on your knees, fold your chest forward and extend your arms out in front of you (the child’s pose). Come up in the dog’s position, place your hands shoulder-width apart and your legs hip-width apart. Strive towards getting your heels down to the ground and look towards your legs.

The Warior – Virabhadrasana

The warrior strenghtens the back, arms and legs and is good for the digestion.

Take a wide step, your feets hould be parallel to each other. Turn your right foot so that the knee and the foot is in the same direction. Turn your left foot a litle bit and strive to have parallel hips. Bend your right knee to an 90 degree angle and keep your back leg stretched. Stretch your arms parallel to the ground and imagine that you are a warrior!

The Eagle – Garudasana

This position is good for tension around the shoulders and neck.

Start by placing your right elbow in your left armpit, then turn your arms around each other so that your palms meet. Remember to lower the shoulders. Close your eyes or look towards your fingers and breathe long deep breaths.


The Cobra – Bhujangasana

The Cobra relieves stress while increasing your energy. It activates the spine and the nervous system. Lie on your stomach with your forehead on the ground and push the top of your feet down against the ground. Place your hands in front of your chest and lift your upper body. Try to keep a distance between the shoulders and ears. Breathe.

Sitting forward bend – Paschimottanasana

This position stretches the spine and is good for the digestion. Exhale as you extend your body forward and reach your feet. Your goal should be to stretch your upper body as far forward as possible with a straight back. The bending should come from the hips and tail bone.


This is for pure inspiration only! I’m not a yoga teacher, so if I’m doing something wrong I would be more than happy if you told me. I got the inspiration from the wonderful Yoga teacher Karin Björkegren and her book “Yoga for women”, I highly recommend it.

Photographer: Alexander Karlsson

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