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Yoga Poses II

Yoga Poses II



The best place to practice yoga is outdoors in natural surroundings! Here are ten yoga poses to increase your energy and focus during the winter, and I hope it will give you some inspiration. Click on each pose to get a video or description of it.

Practicing yoga outside can help you to get deeper into your own body (you don’t get distracted by any studio mirrors) and it increases your balance, especially when balancing on a rock or an uneven surface. Surrounding yourself with nature can also be a good way to find peace and feel an appreciation for the planet. Because you’re using your own body as a tool you can basically do it anywhere: in your own backyard, in a park, on your balcony, in the street… as long as it outdoors in the fresh air and it makes you feel good!

Have a lovely practice,
Love, Maria

Photographer: Alexander Karlsson
Location: Fjätervålen, Sweden


For more inspiration on yoga outdoors check out #yogobeoutdoor (in swedish).

4 thoughts on “Yoga Poses II

    • Tack Josefin, tycker du har så många fina yogabilder från Skåne! Vet du, vi får yoga tillsammans i fjällen någon gång. Kanske kan starta eget, hälsocoach och yoga-på-toppen. Vilken affärsidé va ;))

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