Check out the new shop!

Are you a vegetarian, vegan, fitness guru, yogi or simply just a health lover? And are you looking for some cool t-shirts to wear to spread your message? Then look no further! I’m really glad to launch my organic t-shirts and bags for men and women. The shop is available in several different languages, such as english, french, german, spanish, swedish, finish and norwegian and in two currencies: euro and swedish crowns. Click on each flag to get redirected to the shop, and look below for more pictures. Lets spread a healthy message together!

Photographers: Maria Ericsson and Alexander Karlsson

I work in corporation with a company called Spreadshirt. They handle the printing, shipping and have a wonderful custom service. If you have any questions with your order or experience any problems please contact their custom service.

For Sweden: or call +46 84 030 87 83 (mon-fri 09.00-18.00) or click here.
For Europe: or call +44 20 3137 2587 (mon-fri 07.00-18.00) or click here.

1 euro for every product sold goes to The Amazon Aid Foundation to help protect the rainforest. 

Let me know what you think about the t-shirts. Just send me an email to
I want to be able to give you the best product possible.

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